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Marinating Your Meats

Marinating meat before grilling helps add more flavor to that meat. Actually though, scientists have shown that it only affects the outside of the meat and not the inside. That’s OK. It does add a good flavor when you are not going to use a rub. When I marinate my chicken, I generally do it [...]

Dry Rub

A dry rub is different from a marinade as a dry rub is dry. There’s no acidity or vinegar or oil, although some people might folks may possibly rub a small amount of oil on the chicken before they put the dry rub on, and that can help the rub adhere a bit more. But [...]

Barbecue Tips

Men have been cooking over fire since way back in the caveman days. It remains one of the favorite ways to cook and with all the barbecue tips now available, it’s become like an art. Many barbecue purists will tell you it’s barbecuing when you slowly cook meats on your grill, such as barbecuing ribs, [...]