Barbecue Tips

Men have been cooking over fire since way back in the caveman days. It remains one of the favorite ways to cook and with all the barbecue tips now available, it’s become like an art.

Many barbecue purists will tell you it’s barbecuing when you slowly cook meats on your grill, such as barbecuing ribs, and it’s grilling when you fire up the grill and cook your meat at a higher temperature so that it cooks faster.

Hogwash! I am going to intermingle these terms on this site. Listen, you are probably most like me and you call your friends or family and invite them to your barbecue. You fire up the grill and grill up burgers and hot dogs. Who has time to worry if you barbecuing or grilling? You are just enjoying cooking over an open flame and that is the main purpose of this site — to help you have fun and to teach you some tricks that will make your next barbecue sizzle!

You will find the best videos and barbecue tips on the web, along with websites and articles of interest.

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