Barbecuing Chicken

barbecue chicken

Chicken and a barbecue grill seem made for each other. Nothing tastes better than a perfectly grilled piece of chicken.

One of the complaints I hear most often is that the chicken tends to stick to the grate. If you have a good grill and grate, you can easily prevent this.

Make certain the grill is HOT before you put the chicken on. I like to see mine get to at least 450 degrees, at which time I scrape the grate. Turn down the heat and put the chickens on.

Now the important part. Do not turn the chicken before it’s time. The chicken will let you know when to turn it just like other meats. If you start to turn it and it is sticking, it’s not ready. Do not flip it until it easily releases from the grate.

The time it requires to barbecue chicken will depend on the size of the poultry.   An entire chicken is going to take any where from one to one-half hrs to cook. In addition, if you would like the chicken to get done quicker you will need to be sure you keep the cover closed on the grill.

Do not under cook your chicken! The inside temperature of the chicken needs to be about 165 degrees F or till the juices from the poultry run clear. A meat thermometer will be beneficial to make certain you reach the correct temperature. I do not use one on steaks and such but poultry and pork must be cooked properly on the inside so buy one and use it.      Never consider a chicken done when the juice is pink. Never!!

If you did not marinate your chicken, you will probably be adding barbecue sauce. Do this when your chicken is just about finished. Adding it too soon will cause it to burn.

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