Grilling Vegetables

Traditionally, vegetables have been considered a side dish in most
meals, but at a cookout they can take center stage as the entree.
Almost any kind of vegetable is great for grilling. Complement your
meal by serving them over pasta, rice or polenta.

The intense dry heat of the grill caramelizes plant sugars, brings out the unique taste of vegetables and this makes them taste very sweet.
Veggies like corn, form a sweet outer shell. While onions, soften to a
buttery texture and bell peppers soak in the smoke and become almost

Keep in mind that grilling vegetables takes much less time than meat.
Be sure to start with fresh produce because when vegetables age, they become dehydrated and end up tasting dry after they come off the grill. Don’t be afraid to experiment by using a lot of color when grilling. Mix peppers, such as, red, green, orange, and yellow.

You can grill just about any vegetable including; tomatoes, artichokes
and zucchini. All you have to do is sprinkle some olive oil and salt,
pepper some herbs and maybe some vinegar before you grill.

TIP: When grilling tomatoes use high heat and only turn them once then remove from the heat.

You can also make them into extraordinary sandwiches with a soy-
based cheese and some freshly baked rolls or bread. Cut the
vegetables lengthwise into thin slices in the case of zucchini and
eggplant, or into thick rings, in the case of onions, tomatoes and

If you’d rather have your veggies in handy bite-size pieces for
serving with pasta and the like, try using a special pan for the grill with
small holes that keep the veggies from falling through the grill and being
lost. And probably the easiest way to grill vegetables on the grill is
shish-ka-bob style!

Tip: Soak wood skewers in water for an hour before use. They
are best used for foods that can be cooked quickly, like vegetables and

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