Marinating Your Meats

Marinating meat before grilling helps add more flavor to that meat. Actually though, scientists have shown that it only affects the outside of the meat and not the inside.

That’s OK. It does add a good flavor when you are not going to use a rub.

When I marinate my chicken, I generally do it the day before using  a mixture of honey, paprika, a small amount of pepper, garlic powder and mustard… (mustard tends to make any meats tender and juicier). I use other marinades as well but this is one of my favorites. My sister loves to marinate hers in a salad dressing.

Various ingredients achieve different tastes when used in a  marinade .  The most typical reasons why you would marinate anything would be to bring flavor or make your meat juicy.   There are numerous methods to marinate a dish, but a few typical ones are using an acid-based marinade, for instance  vinegar , or using a dry marinade, made using a range of spices or herbs.

One of the most common ways to marinate your meat is to place the meat inside a heavy zip-top bag with all the air pushed out and turn it frequently to be certain all surfaces benefit from the marinade.

Making use of an assortment of ingredients to marinate meat works  similar to sprinkling your meat with pepper and salt, however it more consistently distributes the flavors.

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