Meat Sticking to the Grill

I think one of the biggest problems I hear from barbecuers is their meat sticks to the grid. Unless you have a very old and worn grid, there are usually only a couple reasons you have this problem.

First off make sure not to put the meat on the rack before the grill is properly heated. I always allow the temperature to get up around 450 degrees and then open the lid and clean the grid. I close it to bring the temperature back up and then adjust the heat controls the way I like and put on the meat.

Now comes one of the biggest problems. Turning the meat too quickly. Many people like to turn their meats often. I guess it’s natural. I remember way back when doing the same thing and then bragging how many times I turned the steaks to get them delicious.

The fact is once you learn to barbecue you will usually get to the point where you turn the meat once. You may turn it a couple times to get cross grill marks.

But here is the key. DO NOT turn the meat until it releases from the grid! If you turn chicken too quickly you leave the skin behind. If you turn any meat too quickly you will be leaving some on the grid.

The meat will tell you when it’s ready. Gently attempt to lift it. If it sticks at all, leave it alone. Trust me on this. It works.

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